St. Teresa of Avilla Catholic Church

JBL CBT 1000 Column Line Array Loudspeakers

St. Teresa’s in Carson City struggled with sound issues since the Church was built in the early 2000’s. The biggest issue was voice intelligibility. Unfortunately, in less than 20 years three different systems were installed in an attempt to fix the problem, all failed.

Needless to say by the time they contacted us they were a bit skeptical of AV contractors. The system they were using was only about 8 years old and consisted of 2 steerable column line arrays, which on paper should do a great job. We brought in a JBL CBT 1000 column line array and demonstrated it side by side with the old system. The differences were immediately apparent, the old array speakers not only failed to reduce reverb in the sanctuary they sounded harsh, thin, and unnatural next to the JBL.

After discussing their needs we designed an uncompromising custom system using the CBT 1000’s, new wireless mics, and a programmable digital mixer with iPad control. They soon decided to move forward with the upgrade and we got to work, just in time for Easter the system was complete.

The final result is remarkable, and must be heard to be truly appreciated. No matter where you sit in the sanctuary the sound is perfectly clear and even, it is as if the pastor is talking with you one on one. With music the result is equally impressive, crisp highs and clear powerful low end. What sets St. Teresa apart is that there is simply no compromise between the quality of speech ineligibility and the quality of live music production. This is due to both the brilliance of the CBT speaker and to correct integration and Equalization for the acoustics of the sanctuary.