Spanish Springs High School

We recently completed an audio system project for Spanish Springs High School, they needed a new audio system in their cafeteria / multipurpose room. This room was a major challenge acoustically because of the high walls and extremely reflective surfaces.


After getting the contract we set up a demonstration of the JBL CBT column line array with a 25 degree vertical throw. It sounded pretty good but we still needed even more radical control; there was still noticeable reverb and echo making speech slightly unintelligible. It was still a major improvement compared to the original system which used several box ceiling speakers which made speech completely unintelligible.


We decided on 2 JBL 200 columns with a 15 degree vertical throw which gave us the pattern control we needed to keep the sound off of the walls and ceiling. We were also able to steer the sound downward with the lower column to achieve even sound levels throughout the room.


We used a DBX processor for EQ and limiting, a JBL commercial mixer, Cad wireless mics, and Bluetooth for playing music.


The clarity and intelligibility are excellent and the staff at Spanish Springs is very pleased with the outcome. 


“Just to reiterate, I loved the new system and the quality of sound it produces.  What I loved even more is your attention to detail and your professional demeanor in working with my team. Thank you for all your help and most importantly, your expertise in installing this system! Much appreciation!”         

Tammy Hart, Principal Spanish Springs HS