University of Nevada Reno

We recently had the opportunity to design a video system for the UNR Diving Team. They needed a system which would allow the divers and coaches to automatically playback each practice dive as soon as the divers surface. The system would also need to pan and zoom to whichever board was being used, and have the ability for extreme slow motion playback.


The first challenge was to find permanent install high speed PTZ cameras which would stand up to the highly corrosive environment. After a few days searching we found a couple cameras that would meet the criteria. We went with Hikvision because they had an affordable high speed PTZ camera which would support extreme slow motion.


We next needed to find a software application which would work with this type of camera, and hardware to run the application. We used an instant video replay training system which was designed to be adapted for any sport, and compatible with Apple TV 4k.


We installed 55″ and 65″ displays on the pool deck horizontally in portrait mode for the dive pool and the dry board. We set the system up so that the camera’s PTZ functions can be controlled by the coaches via iPad.


The system is remarkable and allows for instant smooth slow motion playback. The UNR coaches were very pleased by the outcome, and we were thrilled to take on this unique project and help out UNR Diving. It was also an honor to work with some of the best divers in the country including an NCAA Champion and a member of the US Olympic Team which helped out with the design and use the system daily.


Go Wolf Pack!