What Does a Sound Planning Integration Include?



A CONSULTATION to determine and establish your particular needs.


A DEMONSTRATION of the equipment in your room.




ACOUSTIC EQUALIZATION for your room and it’s specifics.


PROGRAMMING OF PRESETS for all control functions so running the system is easy.


PROGRAMMING OF ALL SETTINGS to ensure perfect acoustic qualities and equalization.


TESTING for speech intelligibility and musical clarity.


INSTRUCTION of your personnel.





Retail stores and catalog firms provide a manufacturers warranty only. This in no way guarantees that the system will sound good in your acoustic environment.


SOUND PLANNING GUARANTEES that you will be satisfied with the sound quality, clarity, and intelligibility.


Everybody wants to sell sound equipment – but who wants to (or is skilled enough) to come back and service it?


SOUND PLANNING provides fast on-premises concierge service for each system, and instant remote tech support 7 days a week.


We offer you the complete, hassle-free, perfect solution tailor-made for your specific situation – To learn a bit more about us and how we’ve helped so many other businesses, please have a look at our Endorsements, Installation List, and History.


Contact Us today for a free consultation or demonstration and let Sound Planning show you what you’ve been missing out on.



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