Do You Really Want to Buy 3 Sound Systems?

Do you Really Want to Buy 3 Church Sound Systems?

An article in a trade magazine reported that a church will often purchase 3 church sound systems before they achieve high-quality audio in their worship.

The scenario goes something like this: The first PA system was purchased when the sanctuary was built. It was probably designed by the architect or electrician and was installed as part of the new construction. Soon after the building was put into use, people began complaining about not hearing well and the church board knew something had to be done.

The second audio system was purchased by a member of the congregation who was supposed to be an expert on sound systems. This “expert” probably played in a band or works in electronics. He usually goes to the local music store or buys a rock and roll system off the internet. Once again the congregation is disappointed because this “rock band PA” doesn’t produce speech clearly and people in the back can’t hear.

The third time around the Pastor is totally fed up with the situation.
He or someone on the worship committee calls in a professional sound contractor such as Sound Planning. We have the equipment and know-how to analyze the acoustics of the room and the needs of the listeners. When the finance committee reviews our proposal they usually find our prices are competitive and our list of similar installations is assuring.

I would like to sell you your last sound system. We’ve been doing this since 1970 and we guarantee our work.


Whether you need improvements for your existing system or you want to add video cameras or screens, we’ll provide a written proposal outlining our recommendations.

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