Meeting the Unique Challenges of Audio in Today’s Temple:

As we have installed hundreds of A/V systems over the years, we have discovered that the typical synagogue has its own set of problems that set it apart from all other venues. First, the system must be expandable to two, three and even four zones to accommodate the multiple uses of the facility, yet rooms must be combined and synchronized for High Holy Day services.

Secondly, there is a problem of unsupervised control equipment. In many temples, a mixing board which is intended to be used by a skilled operator is hidden away and left alone with all the channels turned up. This seriously compromises the performance of any system. An automatic mixer is the most common solution, but this can lead to another problem…

The conflicting interests of the Rabbi and the Cantor.

We have found that we can make a very happy Rabbi and a very happy congregation with automatic mixing. But when the Cantor arrives he (she) asks; How do I adjust the EQ? Where’s the knob for reverb? Can I tweak my monitor? When we sheepishly tell them that all these parameters are internally controlled by automatic gain sharing and digital signal processing (dsp) the response is not all that positive.

Enter the Hybrid mixing system.

Synagogue audio requires a mix of art and science. The Rabbi’s sermon requires the highest level of clarity, gain, and intelligibility which can be readily achieved with an automatic mixer (science). The Cantor, on the other hand, wants the ability to shape tonal balance and add special effects to enhance the singing (art). Both of these goals can be reached with our hybrid system which combines all the features of a mixing board with the hands-free supervision of automatic mixing.

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About Sound Planning:

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